Business Administrator. L.L.M Business Law

Graduated in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing by ESPM/RS (Graduate School of Advertising and Business Marketing) with L.L.M in Business Law by FGV/RS (Getulio Vargas Foundation).
Managed the PAP Intellectual Property marketing for 2 years , participating in brands protection strategies for important trademarks in Brazil. Today is responsible for Paulo Afonso Pereira Intellectual Property business and commercial strategies.
Runs a company specialized in trademarks creation.
He was a FW:6 founding partner, most awarded agency in Colunistas Brazil award 2007, being the only advertising agency in that year earning No Media Rewards in the Salão da Propaganda.
Studied board school in Buenos Aires (ARG). Lived in USA (2001), Portugal (2004) and England (2005). Currently living in Porto Alegre (BRA)

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish